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Ravenhall, Victoria 3023

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Opening hours:
Mon to Wed 10am to 6pm
Thurs to Sat 10am to midnight
Sunday 10am to 6pm

Phone: (03) 8358 4899

Pro GamerS and Collectables [PGS for short] is Melbourne’s funkiest, most innovative computer gaming, trading card, table top game, board game, roleplaying game and pop culture store.

Our welcoming, inclusive and casual gaming cafe is a haven for computer gamers, trading card players, board gamers, roleplayers, war gamers, sci-fi and fantasy enthusiasts, and collectors of Funko products, pop culture posters and trendy trinkets.

Feel free to meet your friends at our store anytime we’re open, join our scheduled meetups or enter our weekly tournaments.

Our most popular games are Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon TCG, Cardfight: Vanguard, Force of Will, X-Wing Miniatures, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Warhammer Age of Sigmar and 40k, Dungeons and Dragons, and many MANY board games. The most popular PC games we play are Overwatch, League of Legends (LOL), Hearthstone, Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2), Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), World of Warcraft (WOW), Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 (TF2).

We also stock Citadel paints and accessories; Ultra Pro, Ultimate Guard, KMC, Dragon Sheild, Mayday and FFG sleeves, folders binders and deck boxes; as well as DC, Marvel, Image and Dark Horse graphic novels.

We endeavor to keep our website up to date, but please contact us to make sure we have the items you want, or pop in to see the many products we stock that are not listed online.

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This weekend @ PGS:

Thursday 10am to midnight
5:30pm - PC and console gaming
6pm - Roleplaying games
6pm - Star Wars: Legion, Destiny, X-wing and Imperial Assault
6:30pm - Wargaming/miniatures bits swap, build and paint
6:30pm - Wahammer 40k/AoS games
7pm - Magic Modern, Legacy, Commander
7:30pm - Board games and LCGs - bring your own, or borrow ours for a gold coin donation
12:01am - Magic Global Series goes on sale

Friday 10am to midnight
5:30pm - PC and console gaming
6pm - Malifaux learn to play and casual games
6:30pm - New Dungeons and Dragons group with room for a few more players. RSVP to DM Dalton -> Roleplayers @ PGS
7pm - Friday Night Magic last few Dominaria drafts. Loads of FNM promos and boosters up for grabs. Entry $20
7:30pm - Board games and LCGs - bring your own, or borrow ours for a gold coin donation
8:30pm - Yu-Gi-Oh casual Advanced Constructed tournament
12:01am - Games Workshop new releases pickup

Saurday 10am to midnight
1pm - Pokemon casual Standard tournament. All ages welcome
1pm - Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh trade and play
1:30pm - Board games until late
2pm - Magic Store Championship. Everyone gets the promo card. Four rounds of a booster per win. Top 8 get a deck box. Top 4 or 8 playoff for the mat. $15 entry
2pm - Console and PC gaming until late
3pm - Final War TCG fortnightly tournament
6:30pm - Star Wars: Legion, Destiny, X-wing and Imperial Assault
7pm - Dragon Ball Super constructed. Store credit up for grabs

Sunday 10am to 6pm
1pm - Wargaming painting and games
1pm - Card Game trading and casual games (Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Dragon Ball Super)
1:30pm - PC and console gaming
1:30pm - Magic casual Commander
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We are having a massive sale to buy a heater and be as toasty as Deadpool!
The sales ends on the 30th of June or when the item sells out.

Pokemon TCG
Crimson Invasion box of 36 boosters $99!
Crimson Invasion Elite Trainer Box $49
Many Ex boxes marked down to $19

Magic the Gathering
Commander Anthology II $199!
Unstable box of 36 boosters $165
Aether Revolt box of 36 boosters $130
Hour of Devastation box of 36 boosters $130
Ixalan Bundle including 10 boosters $49
Rivals of Ixalan Bundle including 10 boosters $49
Explorers of Ixalan game $49
Modern Masters 2017 box of 24 boosters $320

Yu-Gi-Oh Dimensional Guardians box of 36 boosters $49!

Dragon Ball Super Galactic Battle Special Pack $25

AFL Team 2018 boosters $2.50ea

Final Fantasy Card Game
Starters $10ea
Opus III box of 36 boosters $99

Force of Will Return of the Dragon Emperor box of 36 boosters $99

Funko pop vinyls
Loads of regular sized pops reduced to $10
Many exclusives down to $15

Star Wars Games
Box of 36 Destiny boosters $99
Excess X-Wing and Imperial Assault products heavily reduced

Board games and Living Card Games up to 50% off as marked

All graphic novels reduced to clear. Some are $5!

Six hours of computer time for $15
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